Build an Interactive Risk Matrix in Power BI (Button Slicer Technique)

Learn how to build an interactive risk matrix in Power BI.
This approach uses the native button slicer as an overlay for an image of the risk matrix.
With this simple approach, you can have a powerful visual for representing risk up and running in about 30 minutes.

We'll cover -
- Importing custom risk matrix images (easily created in PowerPoint)
- Creating a helper table for smarter sorting of risk matrix layout.
- Configuring the slicer to show the number of risks in each risk matrix segment.
- Adding a "clear slicer" button. Make it quick and easy to rest any selections.
- Shown a "0" if there are no risks in a segment as a positive confirmation.
- Adding conditional formatting to the list or risk (work orders in my example) to indicate when section of the risk matrix they are in.

Download the resources here

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