Create Neat Little Risk Matrix SVG Icons – Ideal for Power BI Table and Matrix Visuals

In this video you learn how to create mini SVG icons in Power BI in this video. These icons are an excellent way to indicate the risk zone of a work order (or any records you're tracking) on the risk matrix. Perfect for displaying lists of items with their associated risk placements.

To download the associated PBIX file for this video click here 

As well as creating the mini SVG risk matrix icons, I'll walk you through several enhancements and fixes for the risk matrix I created in the previous video (link below):

👉 New Red Risk Matrix
We'll use a new risk matrix with a red colour scheme and I'll explain why I think it's better than the traditional red, amber, and green scheme.

👉 Customized Font Colors
Customize the matrix font colors between black and white, based on risk zones for better visual contrast.

👉 Enhanced Helper Table
Enhance the helper table by including risk zones, risk zone colour, and font colours, then dynamically refer to these in conditional formatting measures.

👉 Colored Circle Indicator
Add a coloured circle indicator to represent the risk matrix zone for each record, fixing issues from the previous video.

👉 Risk Sort Field
Learn to add a risk sort field to sort records by their risk value. Ideal if you have a list of records that you want to sort in order of highest to lowest risk.

👉 SVG Mini Thumbnails
Create SVG mini thumbnail images for the risk matrix zone and the specific square each record occupies.

👉 Mini Risk Matrix SVG Icons
Add mini risk matrix SVG icons with highlighted risk zones and color-coded specific risk matrix boxes.

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