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QT#84 – 3 Ways ChatGPT Can Be Your Power BI Report Development Buddy

In this video, I'll cover 3 simple ways you can use ChatGPT

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QT#82 – Improving the Design of a matrix visual HEAT MAP in Power BI

In this video, you'll learn some ideas for improving the standard default

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Add Metric Notes to Power BI Reports Pt2 – Using Power Automate to Refresh Scorecard Dataset

This is the second part of a case study on using Power

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How to Add METRIC Check-in NOTES As Narratives in POWER BI REPORTS

In this video, you'll learn how to pull data entered in Power

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QT#76 – Add ANIMATED GIFS to Power BI Reports. Help Direct Focus to Specific Areas of Interest

In this video, I'll cover adding animated gifs to your Power BI

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Create Custom Notification Centre in Power BI – Shows Count of Unread Notifications For Current User

In this Power BI case study, I'll walk you step-by-step through the

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