How to EMBED a Power BI Report DATA Directly Into An Alert Driven EMAIL Using Power Automate

In this example, I’ll be using Power Automate to send an email alert to a maintenance manager if the maintenance cost YTD is greater than the maintenance budget YTD.

The Power Automate flow will be designed to run every month. It will get the value for the cost vs. budget percentage difference. If it’s above 0 i.e. is over budget, then I’ll send an alert email.

The email will contain a table showing each month of the year and the budget cost, actual maintenance cost and budget vs. actual cost difference %. It will also contain a link to the original report in Power BI.

Note this approach uses:
- Power BI to provide the data
- Power Automate to process the logic that decides what action to carry out
- Power Automate to format and send out the email

You will also dip into:
- Power BI Queries
- JSON file structure
- Power Automate Expressions
- HTLM style formatting

The good news is that I’ll talk you through each of these technologies step-by-step.

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