Mini-Course Pt1 – How to Use Power BI ‘Goals’ to Quickly Create a Maintenance KPI Balanced Scorecard

In this video, I explain how to set up and configure Power BI Goals to quickly and easily create a maintenance KPI balanced scorecard.

I'll start by explaining what Power BI Goals are then move on to how to create and configure them.

The big advantage of goals is that you can enter values and target directly into the Power BI Service or link values and targets to visualizations on existing published reports.

You can also set the status of your goals either manually or automatically by setting up rules in the easy-to-use condition editor.

Finally, you can add performance tracking comments using the check-in feature so you can document the progress towards the Goal target value.


00:00 - What we will cover in this video
00:42 - When to use Goals
02:50 - Creating a scorecard with goals and sub-goals
04:57 - Ongoing goals vs discrete one-off goals
05:53 - Changing goal status selection options
07:41 - Populating goal values and target manually
08.48 - Adding historical values and notes with check-ins
11:08 - Connecting the goal value to an existing Power BI report
13:33 - Auto-calculate status - example 1 - simple rules
15:00 - Connection to a trend in an existing Power BI report
16:56 - Auto-calculate status - example 2 - variable target values
19:21 - Hyperlinking to Power BI reports
20:37 - Scorecard Example 2 - Maintenance Improvement Projects
21:55 - Auto-calculate status - example 3 - date AND value milestones

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