Mini-Course Pt2 – Use ‘Goals’ with Power Automate to Trigger Email & Teams KPI Warning Alerts

In this video, I explain how to combine Power BI Goals with Power Automate to set up automatic alert notifications when the value of a Goals and is outside its target values. 

First I'll set up 2 goal status codes. 'At Risk' if the current value of critical maintenance backlog is close to the target threshold and 'Overdue' if the value exceeds the target threshold.

I'll then set up a Power Automate flow to use the 'when current value of goal changes' trigger to monitor for changes in the goal value. It'll trigger a flow whenever there is a change.

The flow will first check if the status is either At Risk or Overdue and then send a chat message to a Teams channel if it's At risk or sends an email to the Goal owner if it's Overdue. It's a great way to automatically and proactively monitor the value of your Goals without having to visit the Goals Scorecard every day.

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