Show and hide Power BI Field Parameter Slicers to Reduce Confusion and Save Space

Learn a quick and easy it implement approach to displaying field parameters that helps make your report less cluttered and also prevents confusion between filter slicers and field parameter slicers.

Use a combination of bookmarks, images, and field parameters to set up buttons to create the capability to toggle between showing and hiding Power BI field parameter slicers.

Field parameters allow you to dynamically switch or select multiple measures and/or categories displayed in a visual. This is a great feature but does come with a bit of a drawback. The slicers used to switch between the measures or categories are the exact same slicers that can be used for filtering. This can lead to confusion.

In this video, you'll learn how to reduce this confusion.

Step 1: Field Parameters - Create field parameters and assign them to the column chart visual
Step 2: Bookmarks - Create bookmarks. First with the field parameters hidden, then with the field parameters shown and assign the bookmarks to the show hide buttons.
Step 3: DAX - Use DAX and conditional formatting to create a dynamic title for the chart. This will update based on the Power BI measure and category selected in the field parameter slicers.

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